Majestic Decal and Owner’s Manual


                                                                                                                      19 JAN 16


Dear Majestic Owner,



            Decals for your Majestic engine are now available! All Majestic engines were originally sold with a decal centered on each side of the water hopper. Your engine can now proudly display the original “lion’s head” decal to identify it.


            An exact copy of a 1917 logo in the original size and color has been made. The decal is 5” wide and 3.5” tall. The Majestic name and lion’s head is in white with black trim. The decals are water release applied and are waterproof. They will look like the letterhead you see above.


            For Owners who wear or collect ball caps, a summer mesh cap in red with the Majestic logo in white is also available! The caps match the red engine and white decal.


            A 105+page reproduction of the 1915 and 1917 Majestic catalogs with the full product line of engines and other farm related merchandise, engine parts lists and operating instructions is available in a nice binder. It covers production beginning in 1906 thru about 1917. It is a most outstanding and well-illustrated company catalog of the early gasoline engine era.


            The reproduction and binder cost for the catalog is $30.00 including postage. The ball caps are $10.00 including postage. Decals are $7.50 each including postage.


            Please advise if the ownership of your engine changes or if you find an engine not listed.


James W. Priestley

523 Courtney Anne Drive

McMinnville TN 37110

(931) 808~8175 (after 6:00 P.M.)